Don't Fence Me In pattern printed to order by Stitchin Tree

Queen or Wall Sized 

Wall Size 52.5" x 52.5"

1 3/4 yds light

2 yds scraps

3 yds backing

Queen Size 97.5" x 97.5"

6.5 yds light

5 3/4 yds scraps

8 5/8 yds backing

Note about pattern shipping - if shipped alone a piece of stiff cardboard will be included in the envelope so that the pattern cannot be folded by the USPS.  Shipping will also be adjusted to actual based on the weight of the envelope with the cardboard.



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Don't Fence Me In pattern by Stitchin Tree - Queen or Wall Sized - Scrap Friendly Color Pattern printed to order

  • Brand: Stitchin Tree
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  • $5.00

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